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Events : Recursion Computer Fair: Sat 1 July Stratford-upon-Avon
Posted by yoodoo2 on 2017/5/18 20:50:19 (3693 reads)

Now in its 4th year, the Recursion Computer Fair is back and will take place at King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday 1 July 11.00-16.00.

Join us to celebrate 30+ years of Amiga computers and OSes - meet up with user groups, have a play on the latest hardware and have a chat with Amigans of all shapes, sizes and flavours! AROS, MorphOS, Classic Amigas, AmigaOS4 all side-by-side and not a pointless argument in sight!

The fair is completely free to all visitors and exhibitors and we are always keen to cram in another table of goodness: pm me or email rmbATkesDOTnet if you'd like to be added to the list of exhibitors. I'd especially like to hear from more user groups willing to bring along some kit to show off. Exhibitors get free on-site parking for the day and free refreshments all day.

In addition to the Amiga-like madness, the RISC OS Midlands User Group will be holding their annual summer show as part of Recursion and there will be more retro and vintage systems from the 70s, 80s and 90s than you could possibly play on in just 5 hours! Over 50+ systems to play with are currently booked.

There will be plenty of new stuff to have a go on too: hundreds of Raspberry Pis and Micro:Bits to play with; virtual reality experiences thanks to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR; unmanned drone flight training; electronics and programming workshops and loads, loads more. Robotics and cool technology galore, with local Makerspace and Hackerspace stands. Hackathon competition for 10-18 years olds. Oh and an indoor planetarium from the NSA.

Recursion is the ideal fair for geeks of all ages and vintages - an ideal day out. See the Recursion website (run by KES students) for more details: Recursion 2017

Previous show reports and photos can be found here and here

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Software : AmiCloud 1.2 available
Posted by phoenixkonsole on 2017/3/7 23:16:26 (2455 reads)

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Due to the recent changes on what request are accepted by the server, Fabio had to rewrite large portions of the AmiCloud client.

You can grab the latest clients here.

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Development tools : PortablE r6 beta released
Posted by PortablE on 2016/4/29 13:09:30 (3393 reads)
Development tools

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PortablE is a recreation of the AmigaE programming language, along with all the improvements I wanted.

This is a small update, which makes any generated MUI code human-readable, and fixes a few bugs.

Previous versions of PortablE were aimed at existing AmigaE users, but PortablE now aims to be attractive for new users too. Although it's still "beta", it should work well, and further incompatible changes seem unlikely.

See the main manual for everything that has changed since r5. There have been the following big changes since the last beta:
* Built-in procedures can now support unlimited parameters (although only some have been updated to use this ability).
* Improved MUI modules to use procedures with unlimited parameters (instead of immedate tag lists). So the C/C++ code generated for GUIs is now human-readable!
* Added the NoListOptim switch, so that the code generated for Immediate Lists can be more human-readable.
* When a bug exception was thrown during compilation, it could give the wrong message. Now fixed.
* Fixed a few module bugs.

You can download it from here:

PortablE comes with documentation, but you can find on-line documentation, examples & the latest version of PortablE from it's homepage:

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AROS : Icaros 2.1.1 has been released
Posted by paolone on 2016/4/7 20:13:49 (3551 reads)

Update 2.1.1 for Icaros Desktop has been released. Mainly a bug-fix release, this new version includes OWB 1.25, fixes VICE crashes on exit and restores HDToolBox missing text. It also includes some updated AROS system components which were erroneously left outside Icaros Desktop 2.1.

Icaros Desktop 2.1.1 comes in the usual flavours: Icaros Desktop Live!, tailored for DVD-ROM media and provided with an already configured QEMU virtual machine for Windows; Icaros Desktop Light, the "core system" which can easily fit on a CD-ROM and a small pendrive; and a Update Pack for current Icaros 2.1 users.

New from Icaros 2.1
- Updated OWB to final release 1.25
- Updated VICE ermulators to version 2.4 (n/a on Light version)
+ Fixed crashing on exit
- Fixed HDToolBox right panel text
- Updated LiveUpdater
+ fixed bug with user-startup being moved to RAM: without motivation
+ Updates are now performed at startup, when no program is running

For screenshot and more information, including the list of new OWB features, please visit ... de-to-icaros-desktop.html

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Bounty : Python 2.7 Bounty for AROS
Posted by deadwood on 2016/1/22 23:20:53 (6911 reads)

A new bounty has been opened for AROS targetting a port of Python 2.7 Core. The bounty, when successful, will be followed by bounties targeting for example integration of Zune with Python and port of Python 3.5.

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Publications : launched
Posted by terminills on 2013/9/5 15:35:19 (7165 reads)

After careful deliberation and many discussions between developers from all sections of the Amiga community the decision has been made to revive the OpenAmiga project.

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AROS-Exec : Massive Spam Attack
Posted by 4pLaY on 2011/4/7 23:00:00 (10446 reads)

Because of massive registering of bot/spam accounts (ive deleted over 60 accounts today alone) i see no other way out of it then blocking the registration of accounts using these email providers for the unforseen future:

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