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AROS' Tiny URL Resource Directory (A-TURD)AROS

* Website, Alternative
* Nightly downloads
* Sourceforge projectAROS Distributions

* Icaros Desktop (AROS flagship distribution for i386 native, hosted & live)
* AspireOS (AROS distribution specially crafted for dedicated Aspire and Dell HW, although it should run at any i386 hardware. Native & live only)
* AEROS (AROS running hosted on Linux ... on your Raspberry Pi)
* AROS Broadway
* AROS Vision (AROS 68k distribution)
* AROS One (AROS distribution for 68k and x86)AROS sources

* AROS Team github
* AROS abi-v0 backport @ deadw00d's github
* SVN Trac (stale)
* AROS Repo (stale)
* AROS Repo - Ports (stale)
* AROS Repo - Contrib[/url ](stale)
* AROS mirror @ ezrec's Github (stale)AROS Wikibook

* Main Page
* User Docs
* Developer docs
* Hardware Compatibility ListSome informative threads from old forums (these links do not work anymore because database has been put offline for security reasons)

* Icaros Desktop 2.0 caveats and workarounds
* Linux Hosted Icaros (Icaros distro has an automated script for that now but many interresting hosted related issues are mentioned in that thread. Interresting read for host-usersAROS software

* The AROS archives
* Aminet
* BSZili's ports
* Cherry Darling (Professional quality games for AROS, MorphOS and AmigaOS4)Open source (Amiga) Software looking for a porter

* Mazze's list of open source Amiga software looking for a porter
* Amiga Source PreservationOther AROS Resources

* AROS playground (Blog dedicated to showcasing AROS games)
* AROS Alive
* Planet AROS (AROS related news from o1i)Want to donate to AROS and related projects or otherwise want to show your support ?

* Power2People
* Patreon of Icaros Desktop distribution
* Patreon of Ares computers (Pascal Papara/AerOS/Broadway/indieGO/AmiCloud/etc.)
* Patreon of Michal Schulz
* Patreon of ncafferkeyOther forums where AROS can be discussed

* AROS World
* Amiga World
* Apollo CPU Knowledge forum (Home of new 68k Amiga compatible hardware that runs AROS)Know of any other interresting AROS related Links or spotted an error ? .... then feel free to add your suggestion(s), i'll try to incorporate/fix them into this post.

note that the url "" also points to this ae.amigalife forum-board

Planet AROS

Thank you aha, added.

Please keep them coming, especially those twitter, facebook, riot, matrix links.... personally i have nothing with those platforms but others might find it interresting.

Also foreign language forums and AROS related sites are welcome.... they are there but i simply do not have time to dig them all up myself.


For Developers

thank you


Thank you sabbate, the link is added.

Still thinking about whether or not to add Amiga Source Preservation....


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