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AspireOS v.2.2 codename "Obitus" is ready.

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New version.



--- Quote from: nikos on November 12, 2018, 12:47:36 AM ---After some bug reports to Neil "AROS Developer" he fixed 2 important things.

1. There been some problems with ata.device. First of all the optical drive on DELL D520 could behave strange. From debug I could see some error messaging about dma error. Not only that, but after boot there was this CD2:bad icon on workbench. It is now gone and everthing is working good. Huge thanks to Neil.

2. After configuring USB devices like joysticks, the configurations where not loaded at startup. It is now working as should.

Odyssey web-browser got a new version of SSL (Secure sockets layer). This means that much more web-pages are working again, like G-mail. Video streaming is not working, but never worked any good anyway. Don't try to play video. It will crash the browser. It is being looked at by our developers. Huge thx to "ch1ll" for making this happen.

I added WHD-Menu ready configured. Our trusty developer "Yannick" did a new version of this program. It is now for you to add Your WHD games to the games folder, inside whdmenu folder and you are ready to play any classic 68k game. I used a lot of time with the Amiga 68k configuration file and should now work as good as possible.

ZuneView got updated. Now much more easy to scale images. 

We now have the "Installer". That makes it more easy to install programs that make use of it. Maybe future updates to AspireOS codename "Obitus" will be done that way. 

I added the Playstation 1 Emulator. It is working real good with AspireOS. Also configured by me for best possible experience.

There been some reports about the AspireOS archive being corruped. It realy was not, but you needed a recent version of rar archiver that supports rar4. I then decided to not pack With rar4 anymore to prevent that problem from happening.

--- End quote ---


Paolo: Take ata.device in Devs: from AspireOS and use in Icaros. It is a fixed version that will not only fix the problem on D520 but also other hardware. Neil already commited the new startup-sequence for abi v.0 where psdstackloader is loaded at startup. This makes usb devices configurations load at startup. 

I had to do a little update. Sorry to the people that already downloaded. The change is in WHD-Menu.
There where some files missing, like the aros kickstart. Also a little change to the configuration file.

I'm also updating www.aspireos.com
It will now be friendly to different screen resolutions, like cell phones.


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