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Here you can find support for Free Pascal for Amiga(OS)/AROS/MorphOS (*).

For those that do not know you can use the Free Pascal compiler on all 4 forementioned platforms (although you are probably better off using cross-compiling when targeting classic AmigaOS  unless you have a pretty beefed up configuration). As a bonus when cross-developing, the Lazarus IDE offers support for (cross)compiling for the mentioned platforms (albeit the LCL-implementation is not in a ready state).

Current state:
  • Free Pascal is a modern and maintained Pascal compiler which offers many features including classes, advanced records, generics, helpers, etc., etc.
  • Free Pascal is able to compile on/for Amiga/68k, Amiga/PPC, AROS/i386, AROS/arm, AROS/x64, MorphOS/PPC and does so officially since the 3.0 release of the compiler (ongoing efforts from ALB42 since trunk version 2.5.1)
  • Since the 1.8.0 release, Lazarus semi-officially supports targeting above mentioned architectures albeit the LCL is not fully implemented (this will probably not happen anytime soon, if at all)
  • FP-GUI framework is supported
  • Although not all available units (libraries) for Free Pascal are supported for our targets, most of them are. Those that do should compile out of the box.
  • Any platform agnostic code using formentioned units should be able to compile and run everywhere. This includes native Database support (DBF/CVS), networking, JSON, XML, etc. Everything that has a native Pascal language implementation should work for these targets (if not then please let us know).
  • A special set of MUIClasses to speed up MUI development are kindly provided by ALB42 (they should work cross-platform compatible between the Amiga-like targets, not including platform specific extentions)
The official 3.2 version release of the compiler is currently in progress (meaning that if you now spot a bug that this can be fixed before the official 3.2 release, otherwise it would have to wait for the next scheduled release).

Be sure to check out the Free Pascal for Amiga(OS)/AROS/MorphOS wiki and also take a peek at ALB42's blog

The Free Pascal compiler itself can be (cross-)compiled from the official Free Pascal Sources (requires a decent setup using), is distributed by (latest) Icaros Desktop (development package) and nightly build binaries are available from ALB42's buildbot.

A special thanks to the AROS development team for their support, ALB42 and Chain-Q for the current port, and not the least Volker Barthelmann for his excellent vbcc compiler suite and Frank Wille for his work with regards to that suite (the latter really makes (cross-)compiling with Free Pascal a breeze).

Have fun !

(*)  You can of course also find support in the official Free Pascal forums as well but it's just a bit more relax overhere, especially when your questions/issues are specific to the Amiganoid platforms.

edit: i've moved the replies into a separate thread and locked this topic as reservation for future informations.
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