Want an Icaros Desktop setup. What hardware should I use?

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Hello all

I'm somewhat new to amiga stuff in total, but I want to play with the system in general and get loosely familiar.  It would be very cool to run this on a laptop of some sort, but I'm unsure what I should run it on.  I have a pentium M laptop, but its not as great of a machine as it used to be.  I have another machine that uses an intel atom, but that machine used to hang on icaros (but that was 2.2.3).  ATM I have a desktop I intend to use that is a Dell Precision 380 set up with a pentium D that is basically a dual core pentium 4 and a 9800 GT.  I think it should work fine?  Is it even worth running on a laptop?

What machine do you run icaros on?  I'd appreciate whatever you all can share.



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Reply #1 on: January 20, 2020, 10:06:25 PM

currently I took an hp compaq 8100 sff, it works well, usually there are no problems to run aro on a desktop computer, the limitation and change to bios the storage device sata in ata emulation if not you can not install anything only on a usb stick, as for laptops you have to check if the ethernet port is compatible, unfortunately there are not so many drivers available


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Reply #2 on: February 28, 2020, 02:05:03 PM
I use an Athlon64 X2 system, 4800+,
mainboard is an msi one, dont know the exact model number (not printed on the mainboard)

Geforce GT210 PCIE graphics card, onboard audio works,
onboard LAN did not, so I added a 3com 3c905.
Had to go into BIOS and change SATA mode to "AHCI" or the install failed

Hardware I have used before:

 Pentium 4 on Intel Desktop Board mainboards(Have tried 3 or 4) have all worked,
a safe bet for wired networking is a Realtek RTL8139 PCI card,
safe bet for working audio is a SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 or Audigy2 ZS

For graphics, a decently recent NVIDIA card is preferred, from Geforce MX4000(2D only) GF6200(2D and 3D), up to GT210(2D and 3D)  is what I have used with success.
VESA has worked on most cards I have tried, although a bit slower.

Oh, and a minimum of 1GB RAM if you intend to run OWB(the browser) IMHO.
2GB is plenty for all things AROS.

Its worth the time to build a dedicated AROS box, and most of the hardware can be had for free if you have hoarder friends like I do ;-)

Best of luck