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New Theme and Donation page.

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A new default theme has been installed, I have also installed a PayPal Donation module found in the top right corner menu.

Before you ask:

Donations: Is to help me out paying the cost of running this page and is voluntarily. I have payed all the costs since 2004 and it should not be too much to ask for a contribution.

Recent posts: Is not on the top of the page in this design (yet).

Dislike the new design?: Click your profile in the top left corner and choose Look and Layout. From here change your theme and choose: SMF Default Theme - Curve.

Just donated some money!


--- Quote from: aurabin on November 30, 2019, 11:33:35 PM ---Just donated some money!

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your contribution, it is appreciated.

I'm sorry but the "black" does not allow me to follow the forum, I think he has problems with the view can not spend much time reading !

I like the new theme. Thanks 4pLaY!


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