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AROS One x86 v1.2 Released

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AROS One v1.2: Download (update)

Tutorial Video: AROS One v1.2 Installation and Use

AROS One x86 v1.2: New AROS x86 ABIv0 Distro based on the latest Nightly Builds which includes a "Drawer" Icons set created by me and configured with an AfA One style Wanderer (Workbench).

AROS One 1.2 includes all the latest software and updated to the latest versions, all the most common files have been associated with the most convenient tool on both Workbench and Dopus4.

At the first boot OWB will take some time to download and install the necessary fonts, the next starts will be very fast, the network has been preconfigured for a Virtual Machine, who will use a real PC will have to configure their network card.

JanusUAE + WHD MENU: Test Video

Updated the archive of AROS One x86 v1.2, now you can download the correct version where I placed some file associations that aimed at the hard disk, now everything works from the DVD Live, also made some videos showing the file associations on Dopus4 and Workbench.

I'll be available if you find strange anomalies or want to improve something

Test Video: File Associations on Dopus4

Test Video: File Workbench Associations and OWB Use

Updated AROS One x86 still some improvement   ;)

I just tried AROS-One x86 1.2 and had a problem playing any sounds from the DVD.

So I deleted the AHI.prefs ENV variable and reconfigured AHI. Then the sound was good. If anyone else has this problem, that simple fix worked for me.

Other than that, the distro is gorgeous. Wow :)


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