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Preview on AROS One x86 1.2



Preview on AROS One x86 1.2

Among the new features, in addition to the significant software update, a new background, new theme Windows created by me and a new configuration of AmiStart, also all the software "not system" will now be all in EXTRAS, rebuilt all file associations related to the moved applications.

For lovers of WHDLoad games in the new version of AROS One x86 in addition to the integration of various emulators FPSE, MAME, DOSBox, ScummVM, ZSNes there will also be JanusUAE and WHD MENU a GUI that allows you to start with a click the WHDLoad games from the Worbench on AROS x86.

Of course every user will have to integrate in the system the KickStarts and the ROMs needed for the WHDLoad, WHD MENU by default includes the KickStart of AROS 68k but I recommend using the KickStarts of Amiga OS for greater compatibility with the games. Attached screenshot and video dedicated to the "WHD MENU"

JanusUAE + WHD MENU: Test Video

After dozens of tests, the update of AROS One x86 has been completed. Moving the programs from System to Extras has brought a lot of work to know I was leaving all that was, practically I had to reassociate Dopus4, Workbench, AmiStart, Zune to the new paths and not only, in addition to updating and adding many other software, tomorrow after the last test the distribution.

Here is a preview of the Video Installation of AROS One x86, I recommend everyone to watch it to show how cute it can be aesthetically as well as efficiently AROS x86.
During the installation from ISO you can use the Live system as if it were an already installed system, you can use it even during the installation phase, look to believe.

Preview on AROS One x86 1.2: Test Installation and Use


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