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Problem with replacing a file on Archives


Hello folks!

I'm experiencing a problem replacing a program made by me on Aros Archives with its new version. It's the program Crono. Two days ago, I followed the procedure to replace it with the new file: I searched it, and after found it I compiled the form and sent the new file. No errors shown by the website. This morning, checking Archives for the file, I doesn't see nothing. Thinking that something went wrong, I want to replace the file. Repeating the procedure I discover that... OLD FILE IS DISAPPEARED! It appears if searched, but clicking on the link I receive an error message:

You have tried to access a file that doesn't exist on this server.
The file you are looking for might have changed places or it might have been removed.
Please contact the referer to get the link updated.

How I can solve this problem and publish new release of my program?

Thanks in advance

the new files is on archives :-\

I checked now.

- If I search it with the internal chess engine, I found always the link to the missing old file;  ???
- If I browse categories, reached Graphic / Misc I found it   :)


i have serch with engine and absoluty appears on screen

thank you horever for your program


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