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That is my plan, to get a nvidia card that is compatible, like a 8xxx or a 4xx series card.

I had a 470 but I couldn't go beyond resolution 1024x768, I know they are compatible but this thing left me puzzled.
I have an 8500 GT same result, I took the 8400 GS because in the past I had tried it and it was fine.
Now I have a resolution of 1680x1050, the maximum that can support my monitor.
Even a 6xxx is fine is the minimum required, as the minimum to play some 3D games are 512 mb of ram.

I ended up buying a working 8400 GS for less than 15 USD on ebay. I should be good to go with my setup.

actually all software run fine with this card, minimun requirement is geforce 6xxx with 512 mb, that this run fine also doom 3 bfg edition


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