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This is not another one of my Viewer programs...

Actually, this is Icaros Desktop 64bit Unofficial MultiView.

I enabled Save As to save picture files using picture datatypes.
It can Save As as you can see, but it can't yet Save As IFF. (I'm working on that.)
Now I can use Save As to test the save functions for Picture Datatypes.

Now I will move my BMP, PCX and TGA datatypes to Icaros x86-64 to continue testing.
Now that I have a modified MultiView to test with I can start working on Save ILBM. ;-)

Hopefully, soon MultiView will be able to Save As IFF. How long has AROS waited for this?

really nice miker :D

miker if I compile with the procedure described by paolone it will work in its alpha distribution?


--- Quote from: salvo on October 19, 2019, 06:55:59 AM ---miker if I compile with the procedure described by paolone it will work in its alpha distribution?

--- End quote ---

How do you mean? Using the VMWare Virtual Machine that is provided for the build system you can build AROS including MultiView.

I haven't committed any changes to MultiView. I'm just using it for testing for the moment but if it works well and people like it maybe it can be part of MultiView in future.

I'm thinking about adding Save As PNG for Picture DataTypes and splitting About Box into About MultiView and Picture Information. I'm also working on Save ILBM for ILBM DataType. All those things should make MultiView better than it is in my opinion. I might change the icon slightly so we know it was modified with some added features.

What I do won't break compatibility because I'm just adding some menu items and one or two new functions such as "DoWriteMethod_PNG" and "Picture_Information". Other than that it's the same as it was. It still works the same.

It would be nice if "fit to windows" was the standard way to show the pictures.


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