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emmanuel verlynde:
Hi All,

I'm an experienced developer and code in the past on amiga 1200 (68k asm/C/amos).

I start with AROS and have a lot of questions ... I would like to use AROS and participate to development of parts/features.

Where can i found clear informations on how prepare a developer environnement (machine, sources, compiler, deployment ...) ?

Could we use Icaros desktop on a x86_64 laptop to participate on AROS project (x86_64 / m68k / raspbery / ...) ?

Whish is the central repository in use ? I see several informations like subversion rep. but also github (where a lot of distribution releases will be in a failed status yesterday) ... ?! Where is the true and official repository ?

Sorry i'm a noob here and have a lot of silly questions for a lot of you ...  ;o)

Best regards,


hi i see this thread;topicseen#msg3280

ps.currently the odyssey browser needs at least one update for secure connections

i see also this thread

have a good day

Welcome emmanuel.

So you have done much programming on Amiga systems using Asm and C? Those are good skills to have especially since AROS 68k needs work.

Small programs and other such things are less important. At the moment AROS 64bit and 68k are the main focus.

emmanuel verlynde:
Hello Salvo, You ask me to resume the integration of Openssl in AROS port of Odissey browser and fix it ? Why not, I can always look at it. Both projects are opensource / gpl and we have access to the sources for their portage, right ? We don't have an "Onboarding procedure to new developer in the AROS project" ? We work on the repository with some kind of pull request ? Thank you. Emmanuel.


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