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The Icon Utility in my main graphics program "ShowPicture" has saved it's first png icon!
Shown in Ram Disk: is the IconFactory.info file.
The small window to the right is the "Icon Display Window".
It is a "Point-Click" display. When the user clicks in the window, if image1 is showing, image2 is diplayed, etc.
It also has an "Icon Menu" attached to the "Icon Display Window".

The Icon Functions in ShowPicture will also become the standalone Icon Utility called "Icon Factory"
I will be able to:
1. Open an existing "png icon" or "new icon" (glowicon) and save the images or load new ones.
    (loading new images doesn't affect the original icon file).
2. Create a new "png icon" or a new "new icon" (glowicon) by inserting images and saving the icon file.

well man :)

The icon image functions also work correctly with IFF images as well as PNG images.

So once "im1.dat" and "im2.dat" are exported to "Ram Disk:" the program doesn't care
whether they are PNG or IFF. They are treated the same as far as showing in the Icon Display Window
and Saving Icon Images.

The only major problem at the moment is that my function "ExportIconImages" isn't exporting images
correctly. So I must manually copy im1.dat and im2.dat to Ram Disk. ExportIconImages has to be able
to read the file signature to discern between  PNG or IFF icon files then it must export images accordingly.
I might also consider holding the images in picture datatype structures in memory rather as actual files.
Also, currently I can only save png icon files, not iff icon files. But saving both types is my ultimate goal.

With one of my other graphics programs I'm working on Color Quantizing to reduce 32bit and 24bit to 8bit.
One of the conversion functions will then Save 8bit as 5bit ILBM. So that internally it will be possible to
convert between 32bit png and 5bit iff icon images. The image quality may be sufficiently good for iff if
there aren't too many colors in the original png images and depending on the quantizing algorithm I use.
Going the other way to convert 5bit iff to 32bit png is already possible. It is a two step process. First use
ShowPicture to open the 5bitplane ilbm which then automatically gets converted to 8bit for display purposes.
Save as 8bit Png. Open the 8bit Png and convert bitdepth "8bit-32bit" and save again as Png. Conversion done!

ExportIconImages must work correctly for the icon functions to work as expected, but also I'd like to be
able to open any png or iff icon (glowicon) and save the icon images to png files or iff files for editing.

IFF IMG datatype can't save images. Didn't investigate any further.  PNG can.


--- Quote from: o1i on September 01, 2019, 09:12:46 AM ---IFF IMG datatype can't save images. Didn't investigate any further.  PNG can.

--- End quote ---

Save As IFF doesn't work for you? Can you be more specific.

If you mean that the AROS ILBM Picture Datatype lacks a Save Function, yes I know.

I can save IFF images.


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