Kayak fishing: A holistic lifestyle and tips for beginners

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Kayak fishing or kayaking has become more and more popular these days. Itís considered a good way to improve both of our physical and mental health. For anyone new to the sport of kayaking, there is no need to worry as you have so many tools to look up the essential information such as what type of kayak to buy, how to set up your kayak or what benefits kayak fishing or kayaking offers. In this article, letís find out how kayaking levels up your health and kayaking techniques. https://500px.com/topfishingkayak

A healthy lifestyle
∑           A healthy body
You donít need to go to those gyms if you are into kayaking. Depending on how hard you paddle, kayaking can burn your calories with no limit. If you think that kayaking can only build muscles in your arms, you are sorely mistaken. The proper technique even requires the use of muscles in the legs, back, and shoulders, as well as the muscles that rotate the torso, which means kayaking can utilize the core muscles just like an ab workout in a sweaty gym.

As you know, sportspeople usually breathe more efficiently than those who donít do any sports. Consistency in motion is a great method to get your heart beating (and a lot easier on the knees than pounding pavement). Men's Journal even went so far as to consider kayaking as one of the best workouts for heart health. In addition to reducing fat and increasing lean muscle mass, the intense cardio pays off in the form of oxygen consumption.

∑           A healthy mind
o   Reducing stress effectively
Drifting along with the help of ocean waves, kayaking is a way to lower stress levels. Plus, as a silent, non-competitive sport, it's also a great way to sharpen your mind.
Exercise decreases stress by increasing endorphins, which means kayaking actually lifts moods. Sitting in a kayak and let the flow lead you is also a way of meditation. "Being by water meditates you," said Nichols in an interview with Outside Online. "It puts you in that relaxed state. You donít need to study or practice meditation. You just need to pay attention to the water around you."

o   Building up your confidence
Overcoming extreme challenges like whitewater rapids, or even paddling a longer distance than you did last time, can build confidence and positive self-image. Itís a good way to increase social skills and a sense of self, as well as an overall boost in self-satisfaction. https://getpocket.com/@topfishingkayak

In addition, kayaking can also build brainpower. Sitting peacefully in a kayak in the middle of the river, your mind has been clear and ready for the idea to come up. There no better place more than those quiet and peaceful ones for a creative brain, donít you think so?

Tips for beginners
Taking up kayaking can trigger some of you at the starting point, however, there are always to make it easier and after a while of practicing, you are likely to gain experience as an angler. Here are some tips and take notes on them if you find the information useful.

∑         Before kayaking
First of all, you need a stable platform if youíre going to fish out of a kayak, choosing a suitable kayak will affect the impression of your first kayaking.
The inside of the kayak is a total storage area with 2 options.
o   Option 1: throwing all your camping gear and supplies for an overnighter
o   Option 2: Itís your rod storage

Some useful tips before your kayak fishing:
o   Getting in and out right (get the boat sideways parallel to the shore, this allow you to step on the boat with no doubt that itís going anywhere)
o   After youíre in a good position, you can wiggle yourself off, standing up or sitting down, push yourself out of there and off you go!
o   A high seating position (with this, you can cast better, set the hook better and see the structure better)
∑         When kayaking

o   How to paddle a kayak
Putting your paddle in all the way up at your toes and more vertical
Pulling back along with the kayak, noticing the kayak doesnít move back and forth too much
 With this technique, your speed is at 2.6 miles an hour, faster than the 10 settings on your trolling motor
o   How to do turning stroke https://www.instapaper.com/p/topfishingkayak

ß  Forward sweep:
Reach your paddle forward pass your feet
Push a paddle way out and a way in a semicircle around the boat
ß  Reverse sweep:
Same idea but you teach way behind

Push the paddle out and away from the stern
o   Draw stroke: You reach out away from the boat, no need leaning. This keeps your weight over the boat reach out away and you can pull your boat sideways.
Those techniques help for fine positioning, after having found an ideal position, now youíre ready for fishing from a kayak!
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