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Re: OpenGL and GPGPU
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we knew about kalamate's work, we await further news about abiv1


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Re: OpenGL and GPGPU
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you must also wait for the software port


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Re: OpenGL and GPGPU
« Reply #32 on: September 01, 2019, 05:45:35 PM »
Gallium3D for AROS is brilliant but quite outdated, as it is the Nvidia 3D driver, which covers all DX9 oriented hardware from Nvidia and extends support to the DX10 Fermi architecture only. I am not sure if later GPUs are still natively working on AROS, but I'd sincerely doubt that. I'd not hope our Gallium3D library can hold OpenCL, whose first releases were somehow contemporary, but not in scope for the AROS port.

To be honest, all these components (MESA, Gallium3D, Nouveau drivers, GMA drivers) need a refresh to extend support to newer technologies and current GPUs. A more modern MESA implemetation should allow porting some version of OpenCL to AROS. The problem, however, would be: why? Is there any AROS software which would gain anything from a OpenCL port? Is there anyone willing to port OpenCL-based programs to AROS?

This is an older thread from earlier this year about OpenGL for AROS.
YES. Most definitely there are, or will be soon, programs for AROS that can take full advantage of an AROS port of OpenGL.
And yes the graphics drivers do need to be updated as well.

I have been looking at some of the OpenGL demos in the Icaros Desktop distribution. I've tried to compile some of them but I keep getting
"missing tokens" warnings. If OpenGL demos or any other demos for that matter are to be included in the distribution, at least provide some
instructions on how to compile them! Or did I miss something.

The demo programs need to be organized better.