the new icaros part on my website is finished with advices and troubleshoots

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Hi m8 who love Icaros,

I've just finished to rework my website. There is a huge number of articles i've written for Icaros Desktop (mostly native, but this is also some hosted stuffs).

I've made their access simple, with all links listed in this single page "my icaros box - installation and advices".
I hope you'll like, comment, and share.

Here is the link :

Cheers, and long life to Icaros Desktop !

Jess & the wet machine, a long term Icaros Lover.

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Looks good, good selection of articles too. Did notice that the video on this page seems to be broken, is the video still available on YouTube?


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I'll be building one in a Checkmate 1500+ case
Parts sans case from years ago  Might get upgraded to a Phenom II with an SSD