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General Chat / Re: HaikuOS and AROS
« Last post by PurpleMelbourne on December 10, 2018, 04:27:02 AM »
The Haiku crowd are currently stretched, as are all the other projects outside Linux. Resources need to be increased rather than diluted.

Resources can be increased with synergy, or they can be increased with more coders. Any change is disruptive to the short term. But if its more coders then that will be an advantage in the longer term, and synergy between existing disparate resources could also work better in the medium term.

There is currently a political need for a new computer system which is not controlled by the Silicon Valley globalist leftist idealogue culture-warriors (SJW's). Tim Cooke's statement last week about it being "SINFUL" for big companies to NOT censor was the latest 'red pill' wakeup call. Android belongs to Google, the censor-in-chief and even the Linux kernel development has recently been rocked by SJW attack to force Linus Torvalds to walk away from Linux kernel development! This is all an opportunity for outsider Amiga/AROS/Atari/Haiku (AHAA?) as whatever hurts its competitor helps Amiga. Atari and 68k-Mac are not Amiga's competitor anymore. They can be our best friends.

For that non-computer reason, there is now a chance to bring a lot of fresh programmer blood from outside the existing Amiga/Atari/Haiku coding communities if there is a viable plan. A computer system which simply stands non-political, resisting efforts of the political left to suck it into the culture-war political storm. No need to be on the right, just refuse to be part of the left.

Amiga is a superior architecture to all except QNX and 'big-iron' mainframes. Now the only similar thing out there is an LG television which runs WebOS (Be>Palm>HP>LG>WebOS). If things worked out differently Amiga could have been in place of Mac. But now after 25 years past Commodore there is a new demand window opening for non technical reasons. This is an opportunity to advance the system with integration of developments from elsewhere just like the Apollo have done by integrating MMX into their Apollo 68080 soft-core CPU.

Haiku is very good. But Amiga has a few features which it lacks. As Rexx is now FOSS, ARexx could upgraded to ObjectOrientedRexx or NetRexx (extended from OORexx with Java).
There have been efforts to port the current version, but I don't know what progress was made.

Carl Sassenrath's (who wrote the original Amiga exec) small and powerful Rebol network scripting language may also be included if its not redundant by OORexx/NetRexx or the very popular Python.

NetBSD kernel already exists on Amiga, Atari, 68k-Mac. Adoption of that kernel would allow later importing advances of OpenBSD and FireflyBSD (created by notable Amiga programmer Matt Dillon) for later progression towards low power massively parallel system using RISC-V phallanx CPU system.

We could create a system which scales from a cheap Rasbery Pi type device for poor third world people right up to a many chip PRISM system for a mini-mainframe for business.
Help / Re: GMA Graphics on D945CLF2D board
« Last post by ncafferkey on December 09, 2018, 06:24:45 PM »
I tried the GMA driver with the VGA output of three of my netbooks/laptops. I didn't see any corruption at 1024x768@60 or any other resolution. I used Icaros 2.2.3 (confusingly, the About window still says 2.2).

What kind of corruption do you get? What's the PCI product ID of the graphics chip? Does the problem occur with older Icaros releases?
Development (General) / Re: Compile Odyssey for ABI_V0
« Last post by sabbate on December 09, 2018, 04:14:31 PM »
I thought I could use this version of owb with icaros 1.4 is the only part of my computer imho, however with a pentium 4 I should go on the safe side, I will spend another 20 euros


General Chat / Re: HaikuOS and AROS
« Last post by aurabin on December 09, 2018, 03:41:17 PM »
Brilliant Ideas!
General Chat / Re: HaikuOS and AROS
« Last post by Samurai_Crow on December 09, 2018, 07:49:25 AM »
Perhaps a hosted AROS on top of the SpareMint distribution of FreeMint would be a better first step because the EmuTOS setup for Atari has already been adapted for Vampire and the Vampire 500+ has been put into an Atari ST or STE (I forgot which) and are all 68k architecture.

Haiku takes a minimum of 1 GiB to run most software while the other OS's you want to merge will run on less than that.
General Chat / Re: HaikuOS and AROS
« Last post by XD3l on December 09, 2018, 06:44:17 AM »
I am sure that in time, as Haiku develops and matures, that it will attract a lot of Amiga users as BeOS did back in the day.

Personally, I'd love to see AROS integrated with Haiku like how it is said can be done with Linux currently, though I've yet to find a guide on that subject...

Anyhow, I have a machine dedicated to Haiku and am eagerly watching as things slowly progress.
Development (General) / Re: Compile Odyssey for ABI_V0
« Last post by Gundam on December 08, 2018, 05:35:16 PM »
Hi. I'll start with a big thank you, since your build of OWB seems also more stable (at least, this is the feeling I have today with current websites). The only issue I have is that its executable is around 100 MB bigger, and does not fit at all in Icaros Desktop Light. Is there any plan to shrink/strip it down, maybe using some development magic I am totally unaware of?

Thanks for testing. I can try to strip debugging symbols and disable video until I cannot make it work. I'll keep you posted.

@ ch1ll :

can you make video a separate module that  can be enabled/disabled by the user ?
You could also make a shared (re-entrant) library (to be put in LIBS:) of some of the static linked libraries that owb uses; for example a 'curl ' shared library may benefit also other applications who need to fetch something from the internet.
Development (General) / Re: Compile Odyssey for ABI_V0
« Last post by sabbate on December 08, 2018, 05:03:24 PM »
I downloaded icaros desktop light 1.4 everything works perfectly, when I have time I try the last of the 1.x series, I will update what I need, like the fat handler etc..etc ..

ps. Paolone I make a donation as soon as possible, because without it I could not do anything

All the best

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello
« Last post by AndreaFK on December 08, 2018, 03:17:12 PM »
Hi Craige,

I use the rtl8169.device. It should be the same with your board, I do have to change the IP Mode to Manual and input my gateway and DNS addresses by hand as I can't get the DHCP to work.
Development (General) / Re: Compile Odyssey for ABI_V0
« Last post by sabbate on December 08, 2018, 01:09:02 PM »
I can not test the program at the moment, it seems strange to me that I can not boot on a car that is years old and they are two

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