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Development (General) / Re: Quake
« Last post by Yanosh on Today at 01:22:14 PM »
AFAIK, Darkplaces is a quakeworld engine and not a netquake one. Does it support both protocols?
Development (General) / Re: Quake
« Last post by salvo on Today at 12:46:43 PM »

use darkplaces engine

"Networking tips

Visit the Player Setup submenu of the Multiplayer menu to configure your network speed (as well as the usual settings from quake like name and colors).

To host a server behind a router/firewall, simply set up a port forward on the UDP port you are running the server on (default is 26000), to forward incoming UDP packets on that port to the server, then people can connect.

To make your server show up on the server browser (in the Join Game menu), either set sv_public 1 in the console, or use the multiplayer new game menu and check the Public server checkbox."
Development (General) / Qstat and XQF
« Last post by Yanosh on Today at 12:22:15 PM »
To see who's online on Quake's servers, we have only Qstat on AROS and it's only a cli command. I found on google that there was a front end for this command called QXF. It uses gtk and it's very old. I know that we have a gtk wrapper, and being a very old program, maybe it can be compiled for AROS. Unfortunately, I am not a coder and I was wondering if someone can take a look at it.
Development (General) / Quake
« Last post by Yanosh on Today at 11:59:21 AM »
In these quarantine days, I would like to go back to playing Quake online again. The big problem is that none of the available versions detect the internet connection. Is it an AROS problem or is Quake porting incomplete? Since we are all stuck at home, is there anyone able to solve this problem?

Development (General) / Cloning the screen
« Last post by Yanosh on Today at 11:48:39 AM »
Is there a way to clone Wanderer's screen? With the same fonts and all, I mean.
Not really. Theia itself is not a downloadable, standalone IDE. It is a web based IDE platform. Based on what I read, it can be used to create customized IDEs, but the IDE would run in a web browser.
Development (General) / Re: AROS ABIv0 Maintenance Thread
« Last post by salvo on Today at 01:21:42 AM »
sorry deadwood about system maintenance, what exactly would you do?
Help / Re: Problems installing Icaros
« Last post by salvo on April 04, 2020, 03:42:27 PM »
guys the stable version of icaros is 2.2.8 and it works well, the manual can then help you choose the hardware it is well known that on the latest computers released it will not work, especially because the sata function is not implemented at moment as long as you can set from bios the emulation of this port on ide.
About the graphics cards currently the latest supported are the gtx 4xx if you want the graphics acceleration if not you go to vesa
Help / Re: Problems installing Icaros
« Last post by paolone on April 03, 2020, 02:01:05 PM »

Please have a look here

would you please tell me at what point exactly the 1st.time setup is failing on your systems?