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The installation issues seem to be resolved. Now we move on to actually using this thing.

My Linux knowledge sounds a lot like yours. I began using it around 1998, but I never delved too deeply into the innards. There are just too many distributions. Thanks for the help!

Okay, I've spent several days trying to install AROS. It's probably time to share what I've learned.

I had tried to install AROS under Mint Tessa 64. Unfortunately, I ran into a message that said some files did not exist. After checking, I found the files did exist. I set their permissions at a level there should have been no problem, but the problem still existed.

Since the problem occurred in a directory called “Arch,” I concluded that the original work was probably done using Arch Linux. I tried that, only to get terribly lost. I would bet Arch is probably fine if you need to work with Linux at a very detailed level, and don't want things pre-decided for you. But that's not me.

Since Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, I decided to try it. That's when I found that AROS uses some of the commands which appear to have been built into Debian and its derivatives. Commands like “ifconfig”, are now depreciated in Arch and its derivatives. My resulting opinion is that AROS may not install under the newer versions of  Arch.

Someone suggested the problem might be that I was using 64 bit Linux software, and that AROS was 32 bit software. That sounded plausible, but my 32 bit copy of Mint Tessa won't install on my 64 bit machine. It may just be my copy and/or my machine, but it won't work.

I dropped back to Mint 17.1 32 bit, which installed satisfactorily. AROS appears to install under that operating system, although I hasten to say I've just installed it. I haven't run it.

This probably concludes this train of thought. I'm sure when I actually start using AROS, I'll have more questions. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!

OK. i Tried to do an installation under Arch. Frankly, although I don't doubt Arch has a lot of power, it was a real pain to install, and I still didn't get AROS running. It reminded me of the early days of Linux, where everything had to be configured manually.

I kept getting lost in where things were mounted/located.

Can anyone suggest a more modern distribution with which AROS is known to work?

1. I am in the copy of Desktop in the home folder on my hard drive. Good guess, though.
2. While in my home folder, I did a sudo chmod -R 777 on the IcarosDesktop. (Yes, I know 777 is dangerous, but if I can get this thing working, and find the exact problem, I can redo it). I still get the same error message, even though the access should have been enabled.
3. You state "Now I found a different way to list network interfaces that should be good for older and newer linux distros." Is this something I can do on my end, or will there be an update somewhere?

If I can't resolve this in the next day or so, I'll try using the Arch distribution, since it looks like what may have been originally used and worked. However, my other Linux machines use Mint, so I'm just more familiar and comfortable with it.

Thanks for the help. At least I know I'm not going completely nuts.

Introduce Yourself / Here I am, such as I am
« on: January 10, 2019, 11:27:59 PM »
Retired, my wife and I live in a remote area of far west Texas. I bought an Amiga 500 around 1986. I added a 2000 a couple of years later, then a 4000. I eventually put a 68060 in the 4000, which proved to be a mistake, because it overheated.

A 500 or two, the 2000, and the 4000 are still here. However, mice stuffed the latter two units with insulation, so they don't appear to be working. I'm hoping to get AROS running, and migrate the old 4000 disk (which has most or all of the programs I have) into the emulated machine. I really liked the software for the Amiga better than anything else I've found.

I'm trying to install AROS 2.2.5 under Mint linux. When I get to the point of running the icaros script in the Icaros Desktop folder, I get the following message:

./icaros: line 23 /Arch/linux/AROSbootstrap: no such file or directory

I opened the file with a text editor. Line 23 indeed asks for the file named, using the path named. However, that file and path definately do exit.

Any ideas?

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