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Title: Here I am, such as I am
Post by: santiago on January 10, 2019, 11:27:59 PM
Retired, my wife and I live in a remote area of far west Texas. I bought an Amiga 500 around 1986. I added a 2000 a couple of years later, then a 4000. I eventually put a 68060 in the 4000, which proved to be a mistake, because it overheated.

A 500 or two, the 2000, and the 4000 are still here. However, mice stuffed the latter two units with insulation, so they don't appear to be working. I'm hoping to get AROS running, and migrate the old 4000 disk (which has most or all of the programs I have) into the emulated machine. I really liked the software for the Amiga better than anything else I've found.
Title: Re: Here I am, such as I am
Post by: ntromans on January 11, 2019, 12:15:10 AM
Hi Santiago,
Welcome to the forum  :). It sounds like you have some nice classics there. Once you have AROS up and running it shouldn't be too difficult to transfer your files from the A4000 disk, so long as its formatted with FFS or SFS (I assume its a PATA or SCSI hard drive). What you would need is a hard drive to USB interface - no problem for PATA, although maybe a bit more difficult to source for SCSI. When the interface is plugged into your AROS machine the drive's partitions should be mounted and you can copy across your programs to run in the JanusUAE emulator.