PPT Image processing package source code avaible

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on: December 13, 2021, 07:28:11 PM
We don't have an advanced image processing program on Aros perhaps this could be a beginning to have something serious, maybe you can completely fill out with the tools we directly from Aros

PPT is a powerful, free image processing package, that boasts with the following properties:

    - Handles both 24 bit truecolor and 8 bit grayscale images with optional
      alpha channel.

    - Modular design, ie. you can easily add new loaders and filters to the

    - Internal multi-tasking: You can process/load/save many images at
      the same time! No need to wait for another project to be ready!

    - Unlimited (except by available memory) buffers!

    - Unlimited (except by available disk space) undo!

    - User configurable virtual memory (no MMU required)

    - AREXX port

    - Font sensitive and scalable GUI using Jan van den Baard's and Ian
      J. Einman's BGUI package (release 41 needed)

    - Quick preview window for fast updates.

      - Loads following image types:
        o IFF ILBM (1-8 bitplanes, HAM6/8, EHB, ILBM 24 bit)
        o JPEG/JFIF (both grayscale and 24 bit.  Also progressive!)
        o PPM/PGM types P2, P3, P5 and P6.
        o PNG (all standard types)
        o Targa Truevision (8,15,16,24 and 32 bit formats)
        o YUVN
        o TIFF
        o Psion PIC format
        o Windows & OS/2 BMP
        o Anything you have a Datatype for...

    - Saves following image types:
        o JPEG/JFIF (both grayscale and 24 bit.  Also progressive!)
        o IFF ILBM (24 bit, 1-8 bitplanes)
        o PPM/PGM types P5 and P6
        o PNG (grayscale and 24 bit)
        o Targa Truevision (24 bit)
        o Psion PIC format
        o C-code
        o Windows & OS/2 BMP

    - Can do several effects (over 30 effects):
        o AutoCrop & Crop
        o Flip, Shift, Roll
        o Colorspace manipulations
        o Convolute (User-definable masks up to 7x7 size supported! Many
          example masks included. Saving and loading custom masks.)
        o Remove Isolated Pixels
        o Histogram Equalization (local & global)
        o Brightness, contrast & gamma correction
        o Threshold
        o Scale & Resize
        o Image compositing
        o Noise (many variations)
        o Color manipulation (ColorMix, ColorChange, Extract)
        o and many others...



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Reply #1 on: December 13, 2021, 07:45:44 PM
to me the development tools do not work if not I would have tried to make a compilation always if it is so simple to do the port :-\