Reviving my Amiga hobby

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Reply #15 on: January 17, 2022, 06:22:53 PM

What is your ultimate goal with the FPGA programming?

Is it hardware/software for Amiga or AROS or something else?


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Reply #16 on: January 17, 2022, 06:43:44 PM

I have gathered a bunch of those Spartans, mostly driven some laptop lcd's with them. I would like to know if it could run some sort of 68k core with them too.
Would be a good learning experience at the same time too...

I reset the data registers with this hexadecimal: signal Dn_registers : REG_ARRAY := (others=>x"41524f53")  :P so maybe if it would work there might be some benefit for trying to run easily AROS on real hardware.

There is this that at least once was able to communicate with those small stlink clone dongles, well it doesn't work anymore.
I thought I'd steal the underlying protocol and mend it to suite me but it uses QtUsb libusb wrapper and that no longer works with my version of Qt.

Offending bit is in stlinkv2.cpp: QObject::connect(mUsbInfo, SIGNAL(deviceInserted(QtUsb::FilterList)), this, SLOT(scanNewDevices(QtUsb::FilterList)));
Debug says "Warning: QObject::connect: No such signal QUsbInfo::deviceInserted(QtUsb::FilterList)" and it crashes when I press the connect button.

There were some minor changes too, mainly libusb no longer having dedicated function for debug level setting but that one was easy.

Well, I don't have to use a usb wrapper on top of a usb wrapper, I can code directly to the libusb, but would have been a lot faster if that QtUsb wrapper would have worked.

EDIT: There seems to be some sort of mixup in the QtUsb code between QUsbDevice::IdList and QUsbDevice::Id, it somehow worked with older Qt but now slot and signals are stricter I guess, in the end the usb device never gets opened/claimed and the code pursues on writing and reading to not opened device.
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Reply #17 on: January 17, 2022, 08:27:23 PM
I know what you mean. I'm writing a Tiff Datatype.

Well actually I already wrote one using LibTiff but for some reason MultiView doesn't play well with it.

So now I must write it again but this time without the library functions. So I'll just write my own internal decoder to access tiff files directly. It's more fun that way re-writing everything!  :)