Aros Continued Development

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on: April 18, 2021, 05:24:35 PM
The motto for the Slack Channels is "No schedule and Rockin". In contrast the motto should be "No schedule; no drama."

Despite personal differences, or differences of opinion, or disagreements brought about by poor choice of words one thing is true. We are here because we have an interest in AROS.

With that in mind anything regarding the events that have taken place recently in the Slack Channels should be discussed privately by private messages. That may have avoided the original misunderstanding completely.

No matter what else happens the focus should be on continued development to benefit AROS users. So that's what I'll focus on.

Are there any future improvements you would like to see that would benefit IcarosDesktop or AROS in general?

For example the sound system on x86 ( IcarosDesktop ) is working. But as far as I know it doesn't work on x86-64.

Also Dopus4 has received some 64bit updates but I haven't tested it yet. Wanderer works well on x86-64. But we need a good file manger like Magellan.
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