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Reply #15 on: December 22, 2020, 12:19:48 PM
Hi 👋

I have finally got around to getting spare hardware to give aros a run. Very Beefy hardware if I may add 🤭. An xeon nehalem. I have a nvidia 250 gts. That is supported. A usb ethernet adapter with support. Though I'm thinking about using a network card .

1. What is better supported and "sounds better". With the quotes keeping in mind sound quality is personally objective. Maudio 2496 or sb live?

2. I have a cf card with amigaos 3.9. Is there support to boot this card. Via uae?

3. Is there a discord available or irc. To chat with fellow users?

4. What's the preferred way to run aros? A distro like icaros? Or vanilla aros? With of course running on hardware the preferred method to run os.

5. What is the preferred method to port software? Location of documentation?

I dont want to saturate this thread with 99 questions. That's why I ask for chat area. But the above five are my primary questions. Thanks for reading and if you answered my questions. Thanks for taking the time to answer. 👍👋

1. You can get nice sound quality with both the cards you mention and I been using ESI Juli@ in the past. I think that sound card got the best DACs supported by AROS. The best supported is SB-Live and HD-audio.

2. No, you can not boot OS 3.9 directly on AROS but you can use Janus-UAE and configure it to use your partitions.

The other questions are answered.