Spoiner(Split/Join/Recover) Maybe integration for dopus on icaros would be well

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ok miker very nice thank you :)


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When I have a few moments of free time I will put together an MUI joiner like the one I described.

It will have four buttons. But I will set the I initial size to zero so the prefs will pop up asking for Size? I will also include a checkbox for "Custom" that will join two files such as icon images.

I have two small functions called Copy_File and Copy_File_Append that will do the hard work. They both work very well. I use them in Icon Factory.



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I'm using wanderer I managed to transfer the file from usb stick, the problem to be also with dopus4 so the filesystem holds


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on wandered sploiner works fine also with big files, i have split again 300 mb of file with succes