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Title: AROS/Windows DualBoot
Post by: AMIGASYSTEM on December 20, 2021, 10:02:30 PM
I notice that there is still indifference or fear in doing the DualBoot of AROS with other OS, I have installed several times in DualBoot AROS/Win7 and AROS/Win10.

The DualBoot is very convenient because you can share data between the two systems, it is true that AROS can not handle an OS with NTFS Filesystem (it can only read), but you can create a third partition in FAT32 and use it as a partition to exchange data between the two systems.

If someone would like to deepen I can explain step by step how to create the DualBoot, of course as the first time I recommend to use an empty Hardisk so as not to create damage.

I enclose two old videos of mine:

AROS/Windows 7

AROS One/Windows 10