ApolloOS 7.1 Released



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on: August 24, 2021, 02:37:15 PM
ApolloOS: New version of Distro based AROS 68k, finally they decided to eliminate DOpus5 as Workbench replacement, now ApolloOS uses the standard AROS or Wanderer.

Dopus5 enriched AROS with some features such as the management of icons, but to the disadvantage the slowness with the movement of windows and icons, in addition to the old bugs that did not offer a great stability on AROS. Of course the icon management can be replaced with OS3 Amiga programs.

AROS 68k at the moment is an open construction site although many things are missing, on ApolloOS you can notice the absence of some conveniences such as the lack of important associations to some data files and Multimedia, the AROS System Menu in Magic Menu style and the various Window Themes that add gadgets and useful functions, of course they are only disabled and can be enabled at any time with a click.

ApolloOS is distributed on HD Image (.img) that can be burned on any media, the HD image is 15GB (8GB compacted) can also be loaded on WinUAE as HD and have already available the partition with the Operating System installed and a much larger Partition with the various Applications.

ApolloOS_R7-1: Download
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