Pascal + AxRuntime

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Reply #60 on: March 21, 2022, 07:49:41 AM
What I wanted to say is that this change does not affect current applications that I tested, so there is no immediate need for re-compilation. It might be just luck that applications don't access the effected fields of affected structures.
Like that, yes indeed.

Therefor it is good to know (for sure) if anything goes wrong (if at all) that there is a possible cause, especially in case the code depends on these structures.

As for second part of your question: this change was already present in AxRuntime from beginning and now its synchronized to ABIv11. It will not make it to official build - it's specific to my builds.
That is good to know as well. In case it does have issues, then a change must be made to FPC in order to support all targets.

Thank you for clearing that up !


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Reply #61 on: March 24, 2022, 08:41:42 AM

I pushed an update to alt-runtime branch. It is now possible to pass command line arguments to your program when started from linux console. For this I had to change the signature of __kick_start function ( You will also need to create empty C, Libs and S directories in your ~/.axrt/ directory or Shell will flash each time you start a program.