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on: September 23, 2021, 09:30:25 AM
I do not know who to report the problems found on AROS 68k, I open this thread so that those interested can read the various bugs or problems found on AROS 68k.

- Italian localization does not work well, many keys like BACKSPACE, ENTER/RETURN, ARROW KEYS and others do not work, on AROS x86 instead the Italian localization works well.

- In Porting 3D games the fire key remains pressed, in others the ARROW KEYS for navigation in the menus games do not work, is solved by using the native OS3 lowlevel.library

- DiskImageGUI does not recognize ADF (bad number), on AROS x86 it works fine

- Files or directories cannot be renamed from lower case to upper case or vice versa, this also happens on AROS x86
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