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yes I'm not so good with graphics, indeed in general the only thing I do to creative and play the piano for a few years, I never studied, I had them and key after key, I took a bit of hand, the thing that amuses me and that I can record and do editing with aros, although with the latter I have to resort to the 68k emulation, for the icons of the pdf reader I used zunepaint, making a copy paste and resize when needed, I saw that your icon has beautiful colors alive

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Reply #16 on: June 19, 2019, 03:11:58 AM
I have downloaded the souces for the new project as well as Cubic IDE for the Amiga side of things just for curiosity. I have WinUAE for software testing and I have an Amiga 500 equipped with a Vampire 500 V2+ 68080 accelerator card with 128MB memory running OS 3.9+ with RTG display. Again, just for curiosity to see if I can compile the Amiga c++ code for use on a real Amiga. Then convert and compile for use on AROS.

 I also have AmiDevCpp that I use for AROS and Amiga coding and compiling. I like that it is self-contained and it has syntax highlighting and some auto-indent. I will try to compile the dsw dsp version with Visual C++ or C++ v5.0 whichever compiles better. I want to test the GUI and functions on Windows. Then I'll install Linux and gcc with g++ needed to compile c++.

I'm doing some research and testing up front but I'll mostly be trying to finish my graphics program in the next two weeks. When I have some time I can test my Icon support for assembling and saving icons by making a new MagicPDF icon just as a test case.
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thank you very much, yes if you have to finish the first review of your program there is no problem, cmq you are a great

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