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Just burned the iso again to a new blank DVD-R, and the same problem happens  :'(

At least we figured out it's not a disk problem.
General Chat / Re: New driver for 100 Mbit Broadcom Ethernet
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Thanks  :)


Is this only a problem with AROS One? Does iUSB boot work with e.g. Icaros 2.2.8?

I'm guessing the problem is the Southbridge chipset - which ICH is it? I'm almost sure I'd have a matching one to test.
Check the compatibility of your hardware in the attached link, to verify that it is not the fault of the DVD player or burning try the installation from PenDrive:

I've looked all over my house and couldn't find a pendrive, I thought I had one, but I did run the DVD with virtualbox on the same pc, and it installed correctly. This is a tough problem, any help would be a great step toward a solution.
It is said that the Nvidia Geforce 7 series is compatibile with Icaros, and it is listed that the Intel core 2 duo is compatible, so it can't be that. I will try to install Icaros via usb. Thanks for your input!  :)
Check the compatibility of your hardware in the attached link, to verify that it is not the fault of the DVD player or burning try the installation from PenDrive:

Icaros Desktop / Black Screen With No Cursor, When Booting Live Icaros Install
« Last post by AmigaCommand on December 04, 2021, 08:52:29 PM »
I am very new to Icaros by the way, but am used to installing operating systems.
I also am trying to install this with my Linux and Windows operating system (so basically trying to have a "tripple-boot"), but if I have to delete both of these operating systems, I am okay with that.

I recently was interested in running amiga applications using an operating system on my computer, and then I found AROS, which led me to Icaros. I first ran Icaros in virtualbox on windows, and it worked flawlessly. After that, I wanted to install the operating system on my actual hardware so I burned the iso to a blank DVD-R. Then I configured my bios for Icaros' requirements. Finally I booted the DVD, and it booted up a grub menu. I first clicked the "default" icaros install boot option but my Samsung monitor didn't like the resolution, displaying a box saying, "not optimum mode recommended mode 1360x768 60hz". I decided to, instead of boot the default option, to boot one of the advanced options. I stuck with booting the option that would boot at a resolution of 800x600 (a little low, but I don't mind). It boots up the kernel, and ends with "[BattClock] Got RTC century offset 0x32 from ACPI". After that, it shows a black screen, with no mouse cursor to be shown at all. Can anyone please help?

I am using a computer from around the late 2000's, named as the "Acer Veriton x270". I have only upgraded it's graphics drivers.

Some Specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7100 (nForce 630i)
Operating Systems: Windows Vista and Ubuntu 16.04

The monitor I am using is a samsung monitor, with it's model number being 933SN.

If any more information is needed just ask.

Info on hardware:;-;
yes on Raystorm was working on miker but maybe as I understand he met some difficulties :-\
Raystorm would be nice :)
How about a newer version of GCC and SDL 2.0? I think it will open the doors for so much more in terms of applications that can be ported thereafter.

yes there is hexen 2, hexen and heretic do not