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Title: About this distribuiton
Post by: nikos on November 02, 2018, 05:50:04 AM
AspireOS target specific hardware. To see what hardware, click link below.

I want AspireOS to look and feel as the classic AmigaOS.

AspireOS are for users and not developers.

There is a limited amount of software bundled with this distribution.
Reasons is:

1. I want to keep the files size down so can downloaded from the AROS Archives.
2. I think people can manage to download what they are interested in by themself.
3. I don't want to include unstable or buggy software. What I include are well tested and working good.
4. The ISO will fit on a CD. No DVD required.

If this does not fit your bill, use Icaros Desktop  :)

For more info about AspireOS look here.