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on: February 18, 2021, 05:15:31 PM
How to get 100% on hardware compatibility

I tryed to use Aros on my old laptop as principal OS, unfortunately was´nt possible about compatibility issues and then i installed Linux mint to have Icaros as hosted AmigaOS... unfortunately it was´nt good experience about the jit x68k interpreter and the internal UAE.

The good news are that I worked hard to achiev a good experience on Amigax86 OS and found several ways to achiev it.

I found Amilator AKA Boot2FS-UAE , based on Amithlon and Cloanto´s KX Light Build Process https://www.amigaforever.com/kxlight/build
It is a great solution to install AmigaOS on any x86 hardware, great to use with Amikit8 but I have working AmikitXE on WinUAE and want at least the same, the problem is in what i spected to get, because in AmikitXE, on WinUAE, I can launch the Brave Web Browser or Windows versions of Directory Opus and any other Windows app/game and I seen it is a good solution but not the one,because i am looking to get an experience like MorphOS, an AmigaOS user experience and a per day use System...

Then I found  the clue, a Linux Amigafied distro by Commodore USA... https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=commodore it is a Linux with modified skin to get great user experience like in AmigaOS and better, reniewed... Wow! awesome, that is quite perfect because I can Run my AmikitXe in a personalised UAE and lots of oldery apps but the problem on it is on discontinued project, closed and abandoned Linux debian since 2012... the it is not usefull... not possible to update emulators or linux apps..

I looked for a replacement and I found AerOS https://www.aeros-os.org a Linux under Amiga ArOS system !!! incredible! that will be great enough. The problem is that seems not real working, no distro to download and no reviews, no videos, nothing about it... I dont thing so it was real... may be was a try or project to achiev... Perfect to be real

On this moment I saw the statement on AmigaOS Open Sourced, we are in a moment with lot of atention but peopple only is looking for things like Pimiga, an easy way to play games or demos, because the Amiga Fans doesnt know Aros what can do. I have WINUAE version to try it, its nice if you need say it XD

I Know Hackintosh and their OpenCore https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/ x86 hardware injector for a virtual made EFI. And then we can run MacOS on almost any PC...

But we doesn´t need it, we are luckier than it, we can use a Linux Hardware injector, able to launch a WinUAE like to prepare our hardware for launch games with FS-UAE Launcher https://fs-uae.net/launcher or a tiny launche iGames like on boot game/demo selector or an AmigaOS distro or an Aros Distro under UAE, with ability to use native any hardware injected by de Linux injector and a "RabitHole" to launch any Linux app on Aros user interface... of course it may run Aros Sofware.

FS-UAE Launcher is a Linux App but WinUAE is a Windows App but runs perfect with PlayOn Linux, better than on Windows...

Or there we can get a real Linux, with Linux Skin modifed to seems like MUI or else, and get Aros apps on it and FSUAE instances with oldery x68k apps/Games and PPC ones.

The goal on this to get an AmigaOS in Linux that can be loaded on any hardware (PPC, x68k, x86, x64 or ARM) and install any app (Linux, AROS, PPC, x68k) and then achieve a real AmigaOS NG Operating System Open Sourced per day to day ableed.

May we will run Kodi, Davinci Resolve, Blender, Steam, etc...On AmigaOS NG experience.

Thanks a lot to read and get the good message.
If is there any distro I lost, please tell me and I try for it, may be AspireOS is good working but seems discontinued project.
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Reply #1 on: February 22, 2021, 09:33:21 AM
Another option to get best of both worlds is:

- set up a ubuntu-based (or similar) Linux system on your machin
- install FS-UAE for Linux
- install Icaros Desktop hosted
- use hostbridge to launch FS-UAE when needed
- install whatever you prefer under FS-UAE