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on: February 23, 2023, 01:34:47 AM
IconBatch is another small icon app that is part of IconToolkit.

It uses base pairs of colored icon images that are for example plain colored drawers. It also uses icon image masks made from the original icons. And it uses a source directory that contains copies of all the original icons.

Once the processing starts it can produce over 200 fully assembled colored icons in less than a minute. These icons are saved in the output directory that you choose. You can even choose the color of the glow border. I have already used Batch Processing to make colored icons. The graphite black icons with neon blue glow border are very impressive.

The command line arguments would provide the names of two base images & the source images location & the icon masks location & the output directory for finished icons.

If you have a list of original icons to be replaced you could use a script with IconClone to replace each Icon with it's colored counterpart.

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Great Miker Thanks :)