html edit issues during posting/preview

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on: August 23, 2020, 05:23:16 PM
Hi 4play,

Just wanted to let you know that since the beginning I seem to have issues with editing posts.

By default the editor present me with the editor to edit a post 'rich'-mode (html-mode?). Whenever I copy-paste text around, whether it being from the post itself or from outside the browser, in inserts font-name and font-size tags into my message. If I then preview my message it inserts additional font tags randomly into my message.

The only way I seem able to circumvent that is by always switching to raw text mode edit before I start typing anything.

It is workable once you know that, however that solution goes haywire when quoting an original message, which inserts text automatically in rich-html-edit-mode. Usually the original quote becomes a mess and requires (raw-text) editing to remove the unsolicited tags.

And before telling/asking, when copying text from OS, I am not copy-pasting formatted text from my OS, and always use raw ascii/UTF (no idea what this browser does when encountering the forums rich-edit-mode-editor though).

Another issue (also rich-mode) is when I insert smileys into existing text, the text after the position where the smiley gets inserted becomes tagged with font-name and font-size tags again.

I'm not asking for a fix/solution/workaround (although it would be appreciated  :), rather wanted to let you know as nobody else seem to have reported such issues before.

In case it matters, latest chromium as comes distributed by OS (linux).