Realistic web browser options

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Reply #45 on: July 02, 2022, 03:25:16 PM
At the moment only Deadwood can upgrade is the only important programmer in activity as well as Kalamatee and Shultz
Is this gentleman a new developer to x86 from MorphOS?

You want to pay for a port contact him.   It's not cheap due to his time being of value.  however you would need to figure out maintenance costs etc or it will just end up stale again.   Another option would be for someone to mimic the ios WKWebView API to use IOS chromium with webkit.  None of which will be cheap.


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Reply #46 on: July 02, 2022, 04:03:05 PM
Thank you, I'll keep an eye on his progress

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Reply #47 on: July 02, 2022, 04:03:17 PM
Thank you magorium for your very detailed answer!
You're more than welcome :-)

Sarcasm always makes me chuckle in this political correct/woke world :)
Nice to see you noticed that...

Indeed PC/Woke, not really my thing (actually a waste of time imho)

I was a newbie though now I see I've been promoted to a junior member (although ignorance is no excuse)
Congratz, and to bring it back to IRL i can only guesstimate what your experience actually is.

It might be you are unfamiliar with software development an/or platforms such as github/gitlab etc or in a more general sense of not being computer tech savvy when it comes to details (don't worry you are in good company because f.i. i know next to nothing about it myself)

I was curious at as to ASiegals post and the point he was making by linking that page.
Mr Siegel has everything to win (his good name/reputation) with providing a funding platform that can be used to raise funds to cover the costs (or reward the efforts) of a developer porting that piece of source-code so that it is able to produce some meaningful executable for another (yet unsupported) platform  ;)

I read somewhere that morphos x86 browser was closed source and linked very closely to morphos code and perhaps not portable to aros.
Fab's odyssee for example ? There is more happening between the sheets then you might perhaps think (that is how offspring comes to be) ;-)

Also, the branch referred to seems to be 3 days old (or have I missed something?)
You did not seem to have missed anything there and are spot on. The repository seems to have quite some action.

So, is morph going open source and sharing code, or is this a new attempt at porting (avoiding copyright) by an independent developer?
I'm unable to answer that question simply because i do not know the answer to it.... I've been out of the loop for quite some time. Best things to advice is to ask people directly. Even though most of them are very busy, genuine questions are usually appreciated (unless there is some hush hush signing crap involved).

But, i can make an educated guess in that porting something like that is a tremendous amount of work and requires quite a bit of labour so doing it this way allows for other people to join in on the fun (not that we see that happen often but, it does happen on occasion).

And, i do apologise in case i offended you. It's just that i'm a bit grumpy t'day and should not take that out on others that are just passing by....  especially when never met before.


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Reply #48 on: July 02, 2022, 04:21:29 PM
Great info, thank you!

..I'm far to old and thick skinned to be offended by some good ol' honest banter, no offence taken whatsoever

..your still on my Christmas telegram list ;)

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Reply #49 on: July 03, 2022, 06:17:46 AM
As a MorphOS user, myself, I can attest that Jacek has done top-notch work on the Wayfarer browser.  The fact that it's got a 2-clause BSD license makes it even more useful yet as open-source!