Questions about AROS to fix VirusZ

Georg Wittmann · 373

Georg Wittmann

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on: April 07, 2021, 02:08:19 AM
- Are the m68k ROMS always fixed at $f80000 and $e00000 or can they be located somewhere else e.g. using AROSBootStrap (doesn't work on my WinUAE to be tested)

- how can I determine the location of the ROMs (I found out that there are MemLists called 'Kickstart ROM' in Execbase's MemList, but is this the official way? At least ArosInquireA() doesn't give a result at AI_KickstartBase and -Size.

- At  $c/$e  from  the  beginning of my ROM, we have version 46.12.  Is that value  really  used by AROS or just there to be Amiga-compatible as all AROS ROMs I've found have this same value?

- Although I have chip.memory in WinUAE from $0-$200000, and AROS creates a MemList  entry  for  this,  MaxLocMem  in  ExecBase  is 0.  Is that a normal behaviour?   Is  MaxLocMem  always  0  inside  AROS?   Or does that indicate something?

- Does AROS link ResModules using bit 0 instead of bit 31 on m68k-machines, too? Or  only on other machines?

- Do m68k programs run on other ports of AROS? Is there a 68k-emulator like inside MorphOS or AOS 4.x?

Thanks in advance...


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Reply #1 on: April 07, 2021, 09:47:46 AM
Hi Georg,

I can't answer questions 1-4 as I'm lacking m68k specific knowledge. Best if you check ApolloOS guys (ApolloOS is AROS fork for m68k). They can be reached over ApolloTeam discord server or on their forums:

For question 5) AROS is binary compatible on m68k and it can use "original" Amiga ROM modules so it should follow the rules of Amiga kickstart
For question 6) in Icaros Desktop you have Janus-UAE configured with AROS-roms to run Amiga m68k programs. It is still emulation though, unlike MorphOS or AOS 4.x which have more of a re-compilation and native execution.


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Reply #2 on: April 07, 2021, 01:18:35 PM
Hi Georg, I don't know if I understood correctly your requests, as I had mentioned via email, the updated AROS systems you can't access them with the Rom "integrated" in WinUAE, you have to use the latest Roms and you can find them in the ISO of the Nightly Build HERE in the Boot/Amiga directory.

Winuae uses a unified ROM of 1MB, in the Nightly Build there are 2 Rom of 512KB "aros-rom.bin" and "aros-ext.bin", if you want you can also merge them and create a single ROM of 1MB, these 2 Roms must be set on WinUAE, I attach my WinUAE config where you can see the right setting.

Currently there are 3 distributions of AROS 68k each one follows its own line, for example ApolloOS to boot from WinUAE you have to modify the startu-sequence, moreover ApolloOS is distributed on an image with more partitions, the first one is in FA32, this distro is dedicated to Vampire V4 and you can't boot it from WinUAE, you can do it only if you extract the AROS partition.

Moreover ApollOS includes OS3 libraries and files, if you want to get acquainted with AROS x86 it's better to start from the Nightly Build of AROS 68k

Some days ago I was testing some software on my AROS One 68k Distribution THIS , AROS 68k got infected with the "Hitch-Hiker Virus", then I used both Virus Checker to clean up the whole system, also tried VirusZ not very compatible with AROS One 68k.

I attach Config WinUAE AROS 68k:

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