Hello everyone and greetings from Wroclaw

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on: July 22, 2019, 12:53:56 PM
Hello everyone,

I live in Poland, and i 40 years old.

First contact with Amiga were 1989 year, that i played a Wings of Fury :) Next game which i remember is North & South. Ofcourse i remember another games: Lotus, Sensible Soccer, The Settlers, Dune 2, Theme Park, Theme Hospital... and to much another.

In 1993 year i got gift: Amiga 1200. I played but then I did not appreciate this computer. In Poland, the expansion cards for Amiga were very expensive, I could not afford to expand my computer, I was not attracted to programming. In 1995 I exchanged A1200 for A600 HD, and 3 years later I completely switched to PC.

In 2006, I heard about Amiga OS and Morph OS. A little later I found out about SAM 440. I wanted to buy it, but after thinking, but I decided that another computer at PC in home I do not need, the more that AOS were not able to replace Windows or Ubuntu. I tried to install Aros OS, but it was too difficult for me. Later, every now and then I looked at the Polish pages of Exec.pl and PPA.pl, but I did not decide to seriously engage in post-Amiga systems.

This year I read that Amiga Forever 8 enables PPP emulation A4000 and AOS 4.1 FE Classic installation. I decided to try this solution. Well, it quickly turned out that the speed of emulation is average. Browsing the Internet to remind myself of news about AOS, I came across the Icaros Desktop website. First, I installed it on Virtual Box Machine, and later I decided to install it on an old Acer Aspire 5315 laptop (WiFi does not work on it but I thought it would be like this - I will have to deal with using TL-WR802N, it's not a problem :)). Currently, I will focus on mastering system operation and learning the basics. I would like to transfer AROS to one of the SBC platforms (I would most likely see it on Rock Pi 64 - because Asus Chromebooks are also made on very similar components, but I know that the Raspberry Pi port is much more enjoyable in the environment).

My experience in programming or even testing applications is negligible but everything can be learned.


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Good! Have a nice stay and... good luck for the port!


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you are welcome


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